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Question: What is PSDS ?
Answer: is an acronym for Precious Stones Digital Solutions.

Question: Is the company selling stones ?
Answer : No, however the company sell and give away processed and purified stones such as original Gold bar, Gold and Diamond Jewelries to her members.

Question: How do I become a member ?
Answer: To be become a member, you need to purchase the registration wallet either via payment of $42 into our bank account, then proceed by sending the payment details to info@preciousstones.com or call the customer care line on (+234)8090909927 / 08090909928 to inform them of your payment and wallet worth the specified amount will be sent to you via email.
You can also purchase wallet from any of our Leader`s to sign up, and to guide you better and faster.

Question: How much is the dollar rate ?
Answer: Yes, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Question: Is Precious Stones Digital Solutions registered with Nigeria government ?
Answer: N350 equivalent to $1.

Question: After signing up what else do I need ?
Answer: Introduce 3 active business partner / successline to your page automatically you`ve set a journey to financial freedom.

Question: How do I get my benefits in Gold and Diamond ?
Answer: As soon as you qualify for Gold bar or Diamond the company present to you or sent to your address via courier service.

Question: What is Loyalty, Referral and In-direct Referral Bonuses ?
Answer: Both bonuses can be drawn immediately for the first month and we will send them to the bank account you entered during registration. You receive the Loyalty Bonus from the entire members joining through you and your success line.
You receive a Referral and Indirect Referral BONUSES for recommending Precious Stones Digital Solution on your social media, email and in person. For every success line you obtain you will receive remuneration you can monitor in your dashboard. We also pay this bonus every month to your bank account, for as long as you and your recommended success line perform.